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This is where I share actionable insights, advice and tips I've learned in the course of my freelance writing career. Often the hard way.

If you're new to making money with words, this blog is for you. If you're somewhere down the road with your freelance writing career, you'll get where I'm coming from immediately. 

I want to help you, my fellow writers and copywriters, avoid wasted time, misdirected effort and heartache.

Important: this is a working website, it's where I send my potential clients. What I'm sharing with you is what I'm doing right now to earn my living as a full-time, professional freelance writer - no BS here 🙂

All the best.

- Les

Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator Review: Magic, Scam, or Just A Course?

Becoming a competent writer can open the door to a variety of opportunities that may not seem obvious when you first set out on your writing journey. For example, I’ve educated myself in Inbound Marketing by taking and passing the HubSpot Academy Inbound Marketing course. With this “badge of honor” under my belt (you...

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how to price yourself as a freelancer

How to Price Yourself as a Freelancer and Avoid the Starving Artist Trap

An Important Question I've lost count of the number of times I've seen people ask how to price yourself as a freelancer. And, to be honest, I've seen almost as many variations in the answers! For writers, some say per word, some say per hour, some say per project, some say it depends on...

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make money writing

Can you make money writing on freelance job sites?

There’s a huge debate raging in the world of freelance writing about whether you can make money writing for freelance job sites. The debate centers around freelancing sites such as Upwork, Freelancer, Contently etc. There are plenty of such sites and the quality of work to be found on them varies – a lot!...

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freelance writers advice

The Biggest Challenge We Freelance Writers Face?

Being a freelancer is a good and a bad thing. Why so you may ask? Well, on the plus side, being a professional, self-employed freelancer does afford you a lot of personal freedom – that’s for sure. Again, this can be either a good thing or a bad thing. Along with personal freedom comes...

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Freelance Writers- build your portfolio, here’s a useful tip!

Let’s be brutally honest here, we’re all guilty of not paying attention to essential housekeeping tasks in our copywriting businesses from time-to-time. Life’s hectic and it gets in the way. I get that, it happens to me regularly. That said, there’s one area you really shouldn’t be neglecting and that’s keeping your portfolio updated...

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Why an eBook is your Ultimate Business Card

Immediately elevate yourself to expert status with your very own ebook In today's highly competitive business environment, it’s critically important to differentiate yourself from your competition. Now, there are plenty ideas floating about as to how you might do this - social media, SEO, Pay per Click, an amazing website etc. But if you...

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Free software to organize your customers, prospects, billing, accounts, staff payments and more…

For years I struggled with multiple spreadsheets trying to stay organised and on top of my growing business. I even linked spreadsheets together in multiple clever (at least I thought so) ways to make one bit of my business "talk" to another. In short, I wasted hours every month keeping multiple records up-to-date, and...

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